Saturday, June 24, 2017


Jay White: Open Source Creations

“Inspiration is when you see that something is possible.” Jay White says this with a smile as we chat casually on his couch about his passions. “It comes and goes in these huge waves. Let it go when it goes. You go through dry spells. Go with inspiration. Don’t worry about money. Buy the tools!”
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Jane Morris

Big open space Can’t find a trace of truth, Wholesome love Lonely wanderer in the sands of time Smiles fade away into the folds of lies We build our own hate And destroy our own love No tears will be shed, all pain held inside Ache in our hearts, One more hurtle in the race
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EXCITING NEWS!!!!! *With bonus art by Chad M LaBombarde! Kid Roach No. 1 by Brad Hamlin and Mort Todd available to order now! Release date: Friday the 13th, 2017. Click link below to order! Edited by Lucy Helvete <3 *With bonus art by Chad M LaBombarde!  

Citizen’s Treasure-A Young Band with Old Soul

Citizen’s Treasure is a band just coming into their own, despite the fact that they play like well seasoned musicians. With two members merely 20 years old, you can hear and see the energy of youth in their performance. They play together like a well oiled machine, yet the current line up of band members
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Meet the Secret Society! THE SECRET SOCIETY is a superhero-secret agent team of ‘metaphysical crimefighters’ developed by creator and writer Bradley Mason Hamlin with artist Mort Todd. 8 VARIANT SECRET SOCIETY COMICS & Posters, Cards and Art! Play the video! The SECRET SOCIETY has a cult following on the web from the Mystery Island websites and
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 The Artist Den brings you the best version of Scrooge; for the 5th year in a row. Get out the hot cocoa and pj’s, it’s about to get cozy and warm. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!!!

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is considered not only an honored artist, but a symbol and idol of the feminist movement. While she never proclaimed these ideals, people considered her thus because she became such a proclaimed and often exhibited female artist in a male dominated art scene. It may also have something to do with the fact
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Gustav Klimt

To a man who seemingly considered himself a Roman God, why on Earth would the opinions of others concern him? Traipsing through his house in a robe and sandals with no undergarments, Klimt embraced the sexual in every aspect of his life. Having fathered 14 children, presumably by several different women, it is clear he
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Yuliya Glavnaya!!! Pack Member!!!

Silence. Original painting by Yuliya Glavnaya Art & Design Acrylic on canvas, palette knife artwork; 35×60 cm. Original painting for sale, shipping worldwide. You can order canvas, paper, acrylic prints here:…/silence-yuliya-glavnaya.html

Saturday, June 24, 2017

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