If the person you Forgive, does n’t forgive your forgiving.

And the Love you ship out, is’n t checked by receiving.

And the Static from the Attic won’t unbind it’s clinging.

Is it possible to stop the bells from Ringing?

Can you “forget me not” , and then “walk away”?

Can you “settle for shame” and start a “new day”?

Can you look in the mirror and like what you see?

Or have you smashed all the mirrors because they remind you of me?

Is it me you hate or your failing to come through?

Is it Life you hate or just the people around you?

Can you forgive someone who doesn’t truly like you?

Or have you been taken by one who hates you more than you do?

by Chad LaBombarde


by Chad LaBombarde

Tho I’m pushed away, and set to mold.
You’re a bolt of light, so I’m told.
A vibration spinning ALONE
A vibration ringing MONO TONE.
In your LUST to be Prophetic
Our bread has rotted
and spills


FRANK GREEN  https://www.facebook.com/frank.greene.3597

Beams of light and shades of delight. Fine particles feed empty time. No action matches the duty of man. Solutions hidden from plain view. Slapped in the face, absorb the ripples. The vibration crawls across your existance forcing a reaction. Unwanted attraction, fullfilled motovation. Slide across the floor to get away and to get closer. Become one with two. Make a superior object. Exist to exist, the fine line. Cross over to show them all, if only they would pay attention. You don’t exist if you won’t exist.


A foundation is the basis of any structure, physical, emotional or mental. to build this foundation alone is nearly impossible. At any level the more people involved the more sound the foundation becomes when you take 2 people and set them on the goal to build a foundation one that will keep you mutually a float and one gives up in the middle of the process of building

 structure and remains stagnant the foundation will begin to erode and crumble this is due to neglect and natural weatherization even if 1 of the 2 factors continues to try to keep the foundation intact it will eventually fall to ruin the attempt of the lone individual will only prolong the process. there comes a time when the involved party must decide to walk away and leave the foundation to ruin and start to build another..




Paulo Guimaraes

Paulo Guimaraes

The World We Know

Lobotomy sandwich
served hot and gray
as the fruit is named.

Slowly sliced,
several ways,
transversely laid upon
my hands.

Captured is to broken,
the steel penetrates
the spoken words.

Burned beyond times
of vast conquest.
Live for the day,
tomorrow goes away,
again to stay, in
recognition of
dead slaves.

We stay strong, and
survive the pain,
as long as the day
ends another way.

Split, broken in two,
again everyday, but
forgive the preacher
for false promises
upon ripped ears.

The tears, they flow
like a river, so stay
off the path and fall
into obsequious selfish gains.

The land ago, slain
children never to grow,
because the future
would be taken away.

From those who choose
to ruin development,
leading to gain, but
not gain for themselves.

So now to die,
and cry and cry
for this land is same,
disguised as the freedom
of today!!


Ryan D. Marcantonio



Roving in the burn of the sunset stripped and tortured to near fatal accomodations, she laughed keenly searching for awarness and comfort with this new stranger,
Bleeding the required intoxication fed her falling into the rare divine form only induced by slight hypoxia…Who has forsaken this killing? Justified nearly far from something close the fear stroked her eyes with a rude calmness hard to hide from the face,
Shadows of the day hid themselves from the eye befriending night’s languid sanctuary,
Traveling counterfeit abbreviations masked robbery with velvet lies…. As blackness faded the fog cleared to reveal the genuine circus of morning,
Mechanical horns bled from the midwife hearing into the frail pan if sunglass composure.

—Ryan D. Marcantonio

(From his book Delirium Continuum 2005) *Published by United Lefter’s Association*


My Expression by Chad LaBombarde

Growing up, life was much different.  Everyone has horror stories that they can compare.  Some stories are never told. Some stories are the reason; you are where you are.

I remember the part in Jaws, when the Captain smashed the radio.  No distress signal will be sent; and to “phone home” isn’t part of the destiny.

A story already written ,yet open to interpretation. Free Will and a Stacked Deck.  The spinning in time and space is nauseating.

The Fire is Hot Today.