Kim CorpanyFallon, NV – United States

Kim Corpany grew up on the backs of her family’s horses in Morgan, Utah. Her mother is an artist and art teacher, so to keep Kim out of trouble and quiet in church and other meetings she would give her daughter
pencils and paper to draw on. Being a horse crazy girl from the start, Kim’s artwork has nearly always
revolved around horses.
Kim graduated from Morgan High School where she was Sterling Scholar in art.
She went on to earn an AS degree from Weber State University and then a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University.

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Kim Corpany - Monument in Nauvoo Illinois of Hyrum and Joseph Smith riding their horses



The mystery between Alex Adams aka Alcoholman aka the Intoxicated Detective
and Lucy Hell aka Devilgirl aka the Blonde continues
in this brain bending tale that takes Alex Adams’s mind to the brink of madness.

Is it a dream … nightmare … delirium tremens … all out insanity …
or did the Shadow Man slip our pal a mickey?

You decide.  To purchase a copy, Click on the pic below, or the link provided.

Official release date: July 22, 2016. Available to own now!

“Lady of India” by, Milene Borisova

If the art world had baseball cards, the backs of the cards would read very similar. Not every piece is sold and or finished; (AB) at bats.  A successful attempt, without a sale, but emotional attachment to a piece is a (H) hit. Time not spent creating (SO) strike outs. Time spent dreaming (W) walks. 10 hours on a piece of art, (1B) singles. 20 hours on a piece of art, (2B) double. 30+ hours on a piece of art, (3B) triples. SOLD piece, is a (HR) Home Run!

… but the most important stat goes to the Art Consumer and or Friend of the Artist.

The (RBI) or Run-batted-in, is the list of people who believe in you, feel emotion for you, take your hand, buy your art and put food on your table.  If you want to know the essence of an artists’ soul, be sure to read their RBI column.

A good baseball card has years worth of stats.  Don’t get discouraged if you have some slow years in the mix.  It’s a long game gang.  Keep swinging!

Here is a painter to follow, or “another baseball card to read”.

Milene Borisova

Buenos días a todos ! Feliz jueves!
Happy day for all my friends!
Título: “Dama de India”
Técnica Mixta sobre lienzo
46 x 38 x 3,5 cm

Good morning to all! Happy Thursday!
Happy day for all my friends!
Title: “lady of India”
Mixed media on canvas
46 x 38 x 3,5 cm
Batter Up!!!


Chad LaBombarde CD cover for Last Daze!

“I read the lyrics and listened to the music, several times.  The song brought me to this image.  Vulnerable and Beautiful at the same time.  It’s an epic song and I’m so proud to have this opportunity to dance with Last Daze!”

“Their sound is top shelf stuff and you can follow along with the song and try to find the images that correspond with the music.  Please give this band some of your time and remember the name Last Daze!”

Chad LaBombarde


“Love & Affliction”
Music: Last Daze
Artwork: Chad LaBombarde “Love and Affliction”
Photography of Artwork: JTG Photo
CD Artwork Layout: Brasi Hyatt — with Katy Cole, Chad LaBombarde, Chris Schempp


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